We are currently accepting inquiries for the following Group Therapy Sessions:


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For: New Mothers (up to one year postpartum)

Time/Day: Wednesdays, 10 AM-10:45 AM

location: Geneva office

Schedule: 10 weeks, beginning September 27th

Out of the Blue is a weekly therapy group (10 weeks) designed to provide support to mothers who are experiencing difficulties during the postpartum period for up to one year after birth.

The goal of this group is to increase the mother’s quality of life and increase the infant’s ability to create a secure attachment and bond. This will be accomplished by providing the mothers with assistance in decreasing their postpartum blues/depression symptoms and providing them with tools and techniques to increase the mother-infant bond, including guidance in alleviating nursing/feeding difficulties.

Group members will have the opportunity to interact with peers experiencing similar emotions and struggles in a healthy, monitored environment, with the help of an experienced therapist. Topics covered will include: mother/child attachment, healthy bonding, breastfeeding, signs of the "Baby Blues" or Postpartum Depression (PPD), and more. 

Group will be held for 10 weeks, beginning on Wednesday, September 27th.

To sign-up for Out of the Blue, or for more information about this group, please contact our main office: 

E-mail: office@picaassoc.net


Below are examples of previous Groups no longer in session. 

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For: Boys, Ages 8-11

TIME/DAY: Wednesday NIGHTS, 6:30-7:15PM

Everyday Adventures is a weekly therapy group (8 weeks) for boys ages 8-11 that targets social skill development. 

This is a therapeutic social skills group that focuses on increasing interpersonal skills by using art, games, writing, and more!

Group will be held Wednesdays 6:30-7:15 PM for 8 weeks at our Geneva office location.

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For: GIRLS, Ages 14-18

Peer to Peer is a weekly therapy group (8 weeks) for girls ages 14-18 who are looking for effective ways to learn more about who they are, build strong friendships, explore their inner strengths, and most importantly, learn the social skills that will help them thrive for the rest of their lives. 

This group will use a variety of methods in the group experience including art therapy and traditional group therapy. These methods will help to create a conversation about everyday challenges in social interactions and help the group navigate everyday social situations. 

Group will be held Wednesdays 7:30-8:15 PM for 8 weeks at our Geneva office location.