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Studies have shown that certain sensitivities and allergies can cause a negative reaction in the body, which can affect both physical health and mental health aspects. From vitamin deficiency to gluten allergies, these food sensitivities have been shown to affect even childrens' behavioral issues.

Pica & Associates now offers a range of laboratories & testing for a variety of allergies and sensitivities. Lab work is performed at our Geneva office location, and sent to Healthlabs (through Northwestern Medicine) for analysis and complete results.

General Tests offered*

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) – Checks for Anemia
  • Full anemia panel including TIBC, Iron count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP) – Workup of Electrolytes, enzymes, protein, kidney/liver function, acid/base balance
  • Vitamins B6 and Folate, D3
  • MTFHR mutation which significantly affects certain metabolic processes
  • Full Thyroid panel

*General Tests are typically covered by insurance. Patient's insurance card and information will be send with samples, and patients will be billed by Northwestern Medicine.

Specialized Tests Offered*

Is there a food that a patient is eating that is triggering an immune reaction within the body, and causing the body to create an inflammatory response? This can trigger headache, neurological symptoms, gut disorders, arthritis and fibromyalgia-type pain, and many other symptoms. 

Some laboratory tests which can identify these issues include:

  • Food Sensitivity lab work
  • IgM and IgA Delayed Sensitivity testing

*Specialized Test are typically not covered by insurance. Price varies depending on lab work preformed.